API keys

An API key is how a bot identifies itself to Zulip. Anyone with a bot's API key can impersonate the bot, so be careful with it!

Get a bot's API key

  1. Navigate to the Bots tab of the Personal settings menu.

  2. Click Active bots.

  3. Find your bot. The bot's API key is under API KEY.

Get your API key

Anyone with your API key can impersonate you, so be doubly careful with it.

  1. Go to Account & privacy.

  2. Under API key, click Show/change your API key.

  3. Enter your password, and click Get API key. If you don't know your password, click reset it and follow the instructions from there.

  4. Copy your API key.

Invalidate an API key

To invalidate a key, follow the instructions above, and click Generate new API key or click the refresh () icon as appropriate.

This will generate a new key for you or the bot, and invalidate the old one.